Boscobel Spec Building

Spec Building
Boscobel Industrial Park Spec Building

The Boscobel Developers have erected a 21,600 square foot spec. building. The building is located in the Northeast corner of the Boscobel Industrial Park. The building is available now.

Total Sq. Ft. of Building:
21,600 Sq. Ft.

Basic Dimensions:
120" x 180" (expandable endframe)

Total Lot Size:
250 x 400
2.30 acres

Condition of Building:
New Construction (Complete to need)

Date of Construction:
Fall 2002 (initial phase)

Type of Construction:
Metal, pre-engineered, Insulated, center columns, 30" bays

Fire Protection:
Boscobel Volunteer Fire Dept. ISO Fire Class 3

Direct Access to WIS Hwy 133
1 mile to U.S. Hwy 61
& U.S. Hwy 60
1 Mile to Boscobel Airport
WI Southern Railroad at Park

Industrial Park
North East Edge of City

Light Industrial

Ceiling Heights:
22' at eaves, 24' at Center

Overhead Doors/Loading Docks:
Foundation in two locations

Electrical Power:
Municipal Utilities (served by WPPI) 12.47 KV 3 phase, grounded Y at site

Municipal Water System, 12" line in front of site

Municipal Sewer System, 12" line in front of site

Natural Gas Available (Supplied by WE Energies)


Boscobel Developers, Ltd.

Sale Preferred

Tax Rate:
2016 Mill Rate = $23.62/$1,000

For More Information Call

Mr. Arlie Harris at 608-375-5001
Boscobel City Administration Office
Boscobel, WI 53805